Louis in the Public Hotel (215 Chrystie Street, Lower East Side)

People usually don’t think about hotels as good workspaces but Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel is definitely a go to place if you’re on the lower east side. It’s one of those places that are great right now because no one goes but if it starts getting crowded, I’m not sure if the hotel will change their policies.

There is (currently) no problem with available seating. Four small tables on the side and for communal tables allow for sufficient seating and there is a power plug and two USB ports on each of the communal tables. Again, not a problem right now but it might be if it gets crowded.  Wifi is available and suits my needs.

While the coffee here is good, the food options are amazing. The counter at Louis has juices, pastries, yogurt, sandwiches (fried chicken sandwich!!), salads, desserts and more! Besides all the great food at the counter here, the Public Kitchen is also available right behind the seating if you want a full sit down lunch/dinner (reservations for dinner might be a bit more difficult).  If you do get a chance to eat at Public Kitchen, try the black truffle with farm egg pizza.  It’s pretty incredible.

As with many hotels, bathrooms are very clean. Here, communal sinks are outside of the men’s and women’s bathrooms. No need to touch the bathroom door after you wash your hands! Smart!

Right now, if I’m in the lower east side, this is absolutely the best place for me to work.  Between the food options, available power and clean bathrooms, I can hang out all day and, if I’m dressed properly, party into the night!


  • Coffee/Food: 9/10
  • Service/Cleanliness: 10/10
  • Workspace: 10/10 (one bathroom)

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